Biography and research interests

My research interests developed during my studies at the University of Hamburg/ Germany and my work in the Student's Union. A focus on the evolvement of political and historical consciousness, the construction of identity and gender, and historical conflict-handling and -resolution resulted in my current PhD on the role of women in the Northern Irish Conflict.

Always taking an ethical approach on problem-solving I set up UniEltern, a counselling service and a lobby- and self-help-group for students with children. As a student activist my focus was mainly on ecological and social politics while aiming for non-ideological and result-oriented processes.
In 2008 the UniEltern received the 'Frauenförderpreis' which is awarded to exceptional projects that improve conditions for women at the University of Hamburg and is endowed with 10 000 Euro.

Through my work I gained experience in public relations, webdesign, publishing, management of voluntary groups and couselling.

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Umerziehung durch die Herrschaft Gottes. Die Erweckungsbewegung "Moralische Aufrüstung" im Re-Education-Programm der Nachkriegszeit. Hamburger Skripte 13, RLB Hamburg 2006. 20 Pages. German. (The evangelical movement "Moral Re-Armament" in the re-education of Post-War Germany.)

Der Wandel der Moralischen Aufrüstung zwischen Oxfordgruppe und Sing-Out-Bewegung im Spiegel ihrer Filme. Universität Hamburg 2005. 133 Pages. German. (The changes of "Moral Re-Armament from the Oxford-Group to the Sing-Out-Movement reflected by their films. MA Thesis). An excerpt of this thesis is planned to be published in english after the end of my thesis.

Simplified internet version of the brochure "Studieren mit Kind". Unieltern, Hamburg 2004. 64 Pages. German.
The current 5th edition of the brochure and more information about the project can be found at: Sorry, this information is only available in German.

Homepage of the "KuKi Kindermalschule Berlin" (Children's Arts School), Version of January 2003. Sorry, these pages are only available in German.