Language and Communication Services

German-English/ English-German Translation

I studied 'British English Language and Culture', lived in English speaking countries for several years and completed a training in translation. As I am a German native speaker I closely cooperate with a British English native speaker for quality assurance.
Due to my studies at university I am particularly qualified to translate academic texts in the arts and humanities. But I also take on other text formats such as subtitle scripts and websites as well as other topics such as environmentalism and human rights.

All translation work is confidential and I will reliably complete it on the date agreed. Your personal style and the register of your text will be transferred to suit the culture of the traget language. In close cooperation with you I will clarify any cases of doubt and remaining questions in order to provide you with the optimal transfer of your message into the other language.

Proofreading and Editing

I offer proofreading and editing for all types of German and English texts.
Proofreading: I thoroughly check spelling, punctuation and grammar. In addition I advise you on obvious inconsistencies in content and style.
Editing: on top of the proofreading I thoroughly check the style, the coherence of content and the logic of the text structure. In close cooperation we will re-phrase redundant and unclear parts of your document. If necessary I assist you in making structural changes and including additional information. Thus your personal style will remain while we optimise the way your message will reach your reader.

In my work I respect the code of conduct of the German Association of Freelance Editors (VFLL).

Coaching for Academic Papers, Theses and Dissertations

Over the years I acquired expertise in coaching bachelor and master students in writing their academic papers, theses and dissertations in a great variety of subjects with a special regard to the requirements of the German university system. The content of the coaching depends on your individual needs. It can include any part of the writing process, from the choice of subject and method, over the phrasing of your research question, to structuring your research and text.

As coaching can be a very personal process I give utmost care to providing you with a confidential, respectful and supportive work relationship. With my help you will not only be able to write the piece at hand, but also to learn a lot for future writing tasks. I will assist you in focussing on the requirements of your text, help you to find your own techniques to deal with procrastination and writing blocks, and point out ways to avoid your most frequent writing mistakes.

Language Teaching

I work with language because I love to communicate. Therefore I began teaching English to German speakers of all ages some years ago.